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“Mr. Devadason has been my financial adviser for some 10 years, commencing with the setting up and management of the self-managed super fund for my wife and I. During this time, he has provided a high level of service and expertise in establishing and managing/administering this fund for us, as well as the investment strategy and placement of the funds. He has also helped us with a number of other personal investment, tax related and insurance matters during this period.

 I hold Mr. Devadason in the highest regard generally, as well as in his professional capacity as our financial adviser. He demonstrates a high level of knowledge and competence, and has a very personable and accommodating manner in all his dealings with us. I would not hesitate in recommending his services to anyone.”

- Richard, Executive Director, ANZ

"Knowing you need to prepare for your retirement and actually doing it are two different things, even for someone like me whose whole career has been in financial services. The key was finding the right adviser I could trust. Someone who would be able to develop strategies to meet my future goals and objectives and be there to guide me well into my retirement. Inbam’s detailed preparation is visible at our regular review meetings. The advice he has given me and the performance of my portfolio confirmed he was the right choice."

- Bob, Director of Financial Services Consultancy

"We have found Inbam to be highly professional and adept at explaining financial matters simply. He always looks after our best interests with regard super, allocated pensions, and minimising taxation .We are thankful that he was our adviser during and after the GFC."

- Per, Engineer

"Inbam has been my financial advisor for over 10 years and has consistently provided a very high level of advice. He has a deep technical knowledge of relevant legislation as well as investment expertise. This is a rare combination of skills in an industry where many advisers simply place clients in their own firm’s product range. Inbam has shown a high level of professional skill and independence in his advice and I have recommended his financial planning skills to several of my friends. In addition, Inbam has always been responsive to answer urgent queries when they arise from time to time."

- Neil, Head of Operations, ING Funds Management

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