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What’s the worst item you bought? What’s the best item you purchased?

The worst thing I bought was the first engagement ring for my wife. It didn’t have enough carats. Thankfully I learnt fast - the upgraded ring is now the best item I have purchased.

It is often very easy to spend rather than save. I think COVID has helped us in this area. If you have trouble managing your expenses try the following process.

Step 1: Review

Download one years’ worth of expenses from your main transaction account and credit card. Check how much you spent. Determine what spending could be reduced.

Step 2: Categorise

Split your expenses into categories and populate a budgeting tool. Don’t forget an allowance for one-off expenses (e.g. car upgrade). See link for a tool

Step 3 Prioritise

Determine the essential, desirable and dispensable expenses.

Step 4 Track

Monitor your spending to see if you are gradually reducing the dispensable expenses.

Step 5 Update

Update your budget tool with your revised budget.

Step 6 Set Savings Goals

Set goals and pay this amount into an a short, medium and long term investment account when you are paid.


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